Training and development of staff remains very vital in the development cycle of any organisation. There are many challenges facing the average 21st century blue-chip organisation, one of them is to be able to train members of staff at a reliable cost and leveraging on the most modern technology to get it done.

Training and development specialists have, over the years, discovered that "the belended approach"- a combination of classroom based training sessions and electronic learning through web(internet) or deployed through physical media (CD ROMs and solid state devices) helps to ensure retention and translation of learning into on-the-job improvement.

We design, build and deploy and support Electronic Learning Solutions for Companies, Organisations and Schools.

The E-learning project life cycle does not end until we have put in place, a clearly defined support system that allows us to provide up to the minute maintenance for you and your organisation.

We also carry out relevant upgrades, create new versions and updates as your needs evolve.

Our 24 hour support hotline means that anywhere you are, anytime, we are just one phone call away. We will also attend to all online enquiries and support requests promptly.

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