Learner Plus
Learner Plus is an elearning development company that can help you deliver cost-effective, engaging elearning to your employees and customers. We produce tailor-made elearning programs and also provide authoring tools, development services and consultancy, so you can build and manage your own programs with the support of our professional elearning team.

Tailor-made elearning

High-quality, elearning programmes created specifically for your staff or customers, providing training in anything from Leadership to how to sell newspapers!

For high volume, quick deployment and lower-cost elearning projects. We provide tools to build and manage elearning plus on-going support to make your in-house productions a success.

Training and Consultancy
Training and Consultancy Infrastructure, deployment, managing learners, content and post roll-out support is essential for a successful implementation. We have the knowledge, we have the technology.

Our experience in producing elearning solutions, means we're ideally placed to help guide and support you with all aspects of your elearning needs.

Multimedia Services
For getting your message across. CD-ROMS, DVDs, business games, screensavers, banner-ads, audio / video production, animations, e-bulletins.

Development Services
If you choose to create your own elearning in-house, we can provide development services on a daily rate to help you make your projects a success. We can help with elearning design, training on the authoring tools, graphic design, animations, audio and video producion or just provide extra resources on or off site to help you get the job done.

Call us on 234(0) 8033958381 or email info@learnerplus.com to see how we can help

We are a team of experienced designers and developers who have been actually producing, designing, building and delivering quality elearning programmes for years.

This means that as well as knowing what works and what doesn't work in terms of learning design, we are pro-active in advising on practical issues like preparing business cases, researching and marketing elearning to internal audiences, distributing it over networks, integrating it with Learning Management Systems and validating effectiveness.

We will always study and research into your specific needs and ensure that our proposed solutions will add value.
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