Discussion Forums
Staff and customers can use Discussion Forums to share ideas, opinions and provide help and support to each other. Typically, users can log-on and create new topics to which other users can contribute to. Forums can be threaded, so that contributions can be read chronologically as the discussion develops.

A tutor may also facilitate forums. They can be used to support a specific event, such as a product launch, or a training session.

Performance Support
This generally involves on-line reference material or short learning modules specific to a business process. For example, a two-minute module explaining the processing of a direct debit mandate, or completion of a sales order. The module is easily accessible from a desktop PC; it is precise and specific and can often be re-used in larger, learning applications.

On-line assessments open up enormous opportunities in pre- and post-course evaluation, staff accreditation, personality profiling. Our assessment applications can provide individual question-by-question feedback at user level and detailed management information. On-line assessment is also an effective tool for performing staff surveys, customer surveys and polling to monitor views and opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), are an extremely valuable tool in customer orientated environments. Typical and regular enquiries, along with their solutions, are logged into an on-line repository, forming a searchable knowledge base accessible by other users or by customers directly.

Support Tools
Organisations and individuals thrive and prosper on up to date performance support and information. Learner Plus can develop a whole range of tailor-made on-line performance support tools for your company that support both your employees and your customers.

Specifically developed performance support tools enable job-related information, ideas and knowledge to be gathered and shared in a structured, on-line environment. By introducing performance support tools to your organisation, you can help develop areas of expertise, reinforce learning and inspire confidence in your employees.

Animated Systems Help
These are powerful, short animation clips that can demonstrate particular tasks and processes relating to IT systems. Typical examples include an animated clip to show a user how to log on to a new system, open a file or carry out specific tasks.

Learning Environments
Combining performance support tools, on-line tutorials, performance management, career planning tools, learning management, and on-line assessment / accreditation etc., learning environments give your organisation access to a wide range of learning resources provide a single point of access to learning resources within an organisation.

Knowledge Libraries
These are on-line file management tools that enable typical office documents such as Word files; spreadsheets; presentations and web pages, to be stored on a local server. They can then be categorised and indexed enabling them to be searched, located and referenced on-line.

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