Learner Plus is a Subsidiary of Westgate Solutions Limited.

Westgate Solutions began operations in May 2004 with the vision of 'becoming the company of choice enhancing communication and the flow of information using modern ICT media'

As we have grown, we have added talented professionals with a solid portfolio of skills, experience, and expertise. With our professional team of design, content development and web specialists, we tackle any design challenge you may have. Great service and clear results do not necesarily have to come at a high price, we deliver solutions that fit just about any budget.

We have executed several web application design and deployment for a good number of client organisations in the varied sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

We undertake web applications projects from the very start or in some cases, we take existing sites and re-engineer them to meet the need of our client. In all of the projects we have handled, we do not just deliver designs and solutions, we ensure that the specific objective of the client organisation is met. In essence, we do not consider any project as successful and completed until our clients have realised their dreams.

You can be assured that with any assignement we embark on, you determine the threshold, we exceed it and bring a smile to your faces and your business.


Learner Plus is poised to be the electronic learning solution of choice for the discerning organisation. We are confident that with our expertise and innovative minds, we can leverage on cutting-edge modern technology to solve all your learning and development needs.

For a complete pack or if you would like a demonstration showcasing all our web based applications developed for third parties, software, graphics design and animation complete with necessary referalls, Please call Tayo on 08033958381 or send us an email support@westgatesolutions.net

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